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JULY 03 - 07 / 2024



 Exercises  WORKSHOP I


Exercises to prepare the body for the tango: Torsion - Pivots - Dissociation - Axis - free leg - standing leg - Forward and Backward Ocho - Moulinette


Different types of Ocho Cortado and twists

Lapiz & Rulo  WORKSHOP III

Playing with the free leg (Lapiz and Rulo)


Make each milonga varied. Alternation between slow and dynamic tempo, Milonga Lisa / Milonga con Taspie


Vals, simple steps and beautiful combinations

Please bring: Dance shoes, slippers/socks, if possible: yoga block or old, thick book



Diana Cortés, born in Bogotá (Colombia), discovered her passion for dance and art as a child. She studied dance and theater at the Antonio Nariño University in Bogotá and worked for seven years as a dancer in the folk ensemble of Delia Zapata Olivella, one of Colombia's best-known folk dancers. In 1996, she discovered Argentine tango and became one of the founders of the dance company "Enamoratango" in Bogotá. She studied at the "UNA" (National University of Arts in Buenos Aires) and graduated in Argentine Tango. Since 2001 Diana has studied tango intensively with great Argentine masters and professors such as Fernando Galera, Vilma Vega, Damian Essel, Nancy Louzan, Alejandra Mantinan, Martin Ojeda, Alejandra Armenti and Ruben Juarez, Nito and Elba, Elina Roldan, Raul Bravo, Eduardo Pareja, Ricky Barrios, Eladia Cordoba, Andres Laza Moreno, Olga Besio, Ruben and Sabrina Veliz and others. Diana's work focuses on developing good communication between dance partners. Diana's passion for tango drives her to constantly evolve. Tango has given her many happy moments and she wants to share this experience with anyone who wants to take a journey into the world of tango, a world where the embrace is used to communicate. For Diana, Argentine tango is all about getting involved with others and feeling the togetherness and perception of others in dance.

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