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JUNE 02 - 06 / 2022
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 Planeos – Projections and Elasticity in Connection  W. I


We work on our connection to the ground and to our partner to create elasticity and clarity in the free leg. Through a natural technique you will learn how to develop connected Planeos and projections in round and linear movements.

 Boleos for both roles – timing, flow and how to apply them   S. I & II

Seminar 1 (2x 90 minutes)


Spiral dynamics, natural flows, activation and release in the right moment. With this technique we feel freedom to interpret and create Boleos in connection to our partner and to the music. This Seminar provides a clear and natural technique for both roles - Interpreters and Proposers. Examples will make you dance them right away!


 Inside the embrace: Inspiration, clarity & communication for your tango  S. I & II

Seminar 2 (2x 90 minutes)

The Embrace as a comfortable, clear and flexible space. Through different examples you learn to find new connections and inspirational moments. The embrace gives us the possibility for a new felt musicality and mutual communication. With this technique you learn to integrate new and creative moments into your dance in comfortable connection.


 Turns in small spaces – technique and comfortable space in the couple  W. I & II


This Workshop gives you turns in limited spaces. They become comfortable, dynamic, and clear. For all levels we develop new possibilities to turn rhythmicly, round and in connection. Discover a technique for space in the couple to dance inspired and dynamic – also in small spaces. A new sensation of connection in turns!






Coming from different individual backgrounds, this professional and young couple is far from any clichés. They have profoundly studied all styles and traditional approaches to Tango as well as contemporary dance forms, latin ballroom, different musical instruments and martial arts. With a lot of experience, dedication and commitment, they bring a new understanding of movement into the world of tango – a new way for their students, immediately to enjoy and profoundly develop a personal connection to the beauty of Argentine Tango.

Sayaka and Joschas dance and teaching, connects a healthy body development to the beauty of clear aesthetics and musical interpretation. This couple is merging the newest health oriented body education, mechanics from various moving arts and training methods with most actual insights of their own research on energy flows and the connection between two dancers and human beings. The goal is to feel good and quickly be able to enjoy improvisation, musicality and equal communication between the dancers.

With their method anybody can learn to enjoy and improvise argentine tango in an individual way. The students report a strong improvement of body awareness and feeling with their partners, as well as relaxation and healthier body alignment.

In the world of Argentine Tango, Sayaka and Joscha are highly appreciated and regularly invited to teach seminars and workshops as well as to perform their unique way of dancing Argentine Tango in communities and festivals in various places around the world.

Their performance is purely improvised and in consequence of their method gives way to the emotionality and connection of two individuals opening themselves to the art of encounter in music.



Sayaka’s first contact with the moving arts was at the age of 4 when she took part in Aikido classes. From then on it was part of her life to connect with partners focusing on the body’s energy and center. Additionally there was a strong passion for music which she discovered playing violin, drums and especially the piano.

Her dancing career went through Jazz, Hip Hop and Salsa, where she first noticed how expressive movement gets, when energy is fuelled by emotions. In an internship in Buenos Aires, she passionately fell in love with Argentine Tango, so she packed her bags and moved to Buenos Aires. Thanks to her curiosity for different approaches and styles Sayaka studied with a variety of teachers to dive into the world of Performance and Tango Argentino. She has been studying and performing Tango in Buenos Aires for several years until she started to travel also in Europe with different partners.

Sayaka offers workshops, seminars and private classes. Teaching Tango her focus lies on the individuality of everybody and the healthy, natural way of moving and connecting both – the body and the soul.




Joscha has been a dancer, coach and choreographer for Latin Ballroom Competitive dances besides studying various other dance forms, sports and moving arts. From an early age Joscha was strongly interested in musicality, which he developed from the age of 9, playing first the piano, and later saxophone and percussions. At university, he financed his studies with dancing and graduated in pedagogical and systemic psychology (Dipl. Psych. 2012) as well as becoming a systemic coach (Systemic Coach & NLP Master).

When Joscha got to know Tango Argentino, he was impressed and touched by the rich and respectful encounters of this purely improvisational social dance. Drawing from his former intensive education as a dancer, coach and choreographer, he soon started studying, teaching and performing Tango Argentino with different partners. Every year he spends a few months in Buenos Aires, performing, studying and developing further.

Joscha offers workshops, seminars and private classes for dancers with the focus of understanding the individual, artistic and human essence of his students in the moment of encounter in dance. His experience as a dancer, psychologist, coach and musician form the basis for his approach to understand, connect and develop individuality, alter abilities and bring to life the artistic side of his students.

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