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JUNE 18 - 22/2025




The time has come, the date for 2025 has been set and there's a little surprise. 

Next year, we will start the weekend full of music and dancing fun a day earlier than usual. We are very much looking forward to welcoming you to Mattstedt from Wednesday on.  




JUNE 19-23 / 2024 


Camille Stimbre : Violin 

Youmi Bazoge : Violin and Vocals 

Noé Bazoge : Cello 

Léon Ollivier : diatonic Accordion 

A friendship between four young musicians gave rise to Bargainatt, a dance music group that was founded in Montpellier at the beginning of 2016. The quartet began to borrow compositions from its famous ancestors (Shillelagh, Naragonia, Ballsy Swing...) and took up traditional melodies, taking the time to compose its own pieces and give free rein to its creativity, always with the desire to compose rhythmic music at the service of dance. Originally, the repertoire consisted only of instrumental music, but gradually vocals also found their way into the Bargainatt Ball. Today, the songs written and interpreted by Youmi enrich the group's musical universe. For almost two years, the group travelled around France and Europe to meet dancers. They kept composing new melodies and songs to consolidate their identity more and more. As Bargainatt does not have a favourite repertoire, they have decided to draw their inspiration from the dances of different regions of France that are close to their hearts, while trying to respect the subtleties and traditions of these regions as much as possible. From Auvergne to Brittany, via Poitou and Gascony, Bargainatt offers you a journey of many colours and influences, full of energy and freshness. 


Guus Herremans (Belgien) - diatonic Accordeon

Bert Leemans (Belgien) - chromatic Accordeon

Ward Dhoore (Belgien) - Guitar

Airboxes is the brand new project of Guus Herremans and Bert Leemans.
The two accordionists from two generations have known each other for about 15 years and a collaboration as a
duo seemed inevitable.
Airboxes plays only their own compositions in the unique combination of a diatonic and a chromatic accordion.
Guus Herremans on diatonic button accordion and Bert Leemans on chromatic button accordion are
considered the "gold standard" in folk in Belgium. Their very atmospheric dance music, composed entirely by
themselves, almost magically sucks you into other spheres! The musical projects in which the two were/are
involved read like a who's who of the Flemish and international scene: "EmBRUNN", "Leo&Dicaprio", "Laouen",
"The Bazz Explosion", etc.
The duo is complemented by Ward Dhoore, known from Snaarmaarwaar and other folk bands.


Aurélien draws his influences from different areas, such as the dance music of central France or Brittany, but also from jazz, rock, rap and world music.... He knows how to keep the groove of traditional music in the background. Thus, in his solo project, a musical versatility emerges that leads everyone between melody, rhythm,improvisation and nuances to the sound of a surprising accordionist who is always in search of new sensations.


Thierry Nouat : Hurdy Gurdy 

Toon van Mierlo : Bagpipes, Accordion, Saxophone 

Aurélien Claranbaux : Accordion 

Jeroen Geerinck : Mandola, Keyboard 

NOVAR, it’s new. Bits of trad, bits of electro. The brightness of the hurdy gurdy of Thierry Nouat and the darkness of Toon van Mierlo’s bagpipes. Massively supported by Jeroen Geerinck's keyboard and the accordion of Aurélien claranbaux that hits you like a punch in the dark. A band of musicians renowned for their absolutely “neo” sound. NOVAR, a universe that arises from the depths of the earth. 


Pablo Golder : diatonic Accordion 

Florian De Schepper : acoustic Guitar 

"Loogaroo is a balfolk duo with Pablo Golder (diatonic accordion) and Florian De Schepper (acoustic guitar). After being on the road together for more than 6 years with different projects, Pablo & Florian recently started playing in a duo and decided to continue this new band which they named “Loogaroo”. Not to be confused with “loup-garou”. “loogaroo” is a Carribean mythological creature that turns herself into a bright ball of light to haunt the night. No wolf howling music but powerful and surprising melodies by Pablo, accompanied with Florians groovy and pumping rhythms that will keep you dancing all night long, even underneath a full moon. "  


Guus Herrmans : Accordion 

Guus Herremans was born in 1995 and grew up in Londerzeel. He graduated from the Kunsthumaniora van Turnhout, where he was the first student ever to study diatonic accordion as a subject at a Kunsthumaniora. Guus plays on many stages in Europe, both as a guest musician and with his own bands (Les Bottines Artistique, Phlox and Airboxes). 


Rémi Geffroy : diatonic Accordion  

Accordionist and composer Rémi Geffroy is a curious musician with many facets. He is rich in different influences and creates his own style in which traditional music, classical music and jazz meet. He was born in Toulouse in 1987 and spent his entire childhood surrounded by traditional music. His grandfather played the harmonica and his grandmother led a folklore group in Aveyron. He thus learnt folk melodies before taking up the diatonic accordion at the Cahors Conservatory at the age of 10. A few years later, he switched to bass guitar and joined various jazz, variety and pop-rock cover bands. After graduating in musicology, he began composing on the accordion and released his first album Entre-deux (2012). He gradually continued his quest to blend genres and released the EP Parenthèse (2014), in which he played most of the instruments. Two years later, he composed his second album Du jour au lendemain and joined the Celtic rock band The Booze Brothers. The team released the album The Lemming Experience (2019), the same year as the album with his trio Dose de bal. This is followed by a year of seclusion, which is synonymous with creative work. Odysseus, the new album with mixed colours, was created in 2021 after more than a year of work with six other musicians from different backgrounds. 

 From balls to concerts to leading several workshops and courses, his particular style and original compositions have taken him all over France and Europe for several years. 


Guus Herremans – Accordion

Pavel Souvandjiev – Violin


Guus and Pavel, who are both ac,ve on many musical paths, decided that their paths should cross and so Les Bo(nes Ar,s,ques was born. Guus' French and Italian playing technique and Pavel's Bulgarian roots result in a surprising musical paleMe. This has already led to numerous performances at home and abroad (Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, France, Germany,... ). Guus and Pavel both studied music at the kunsthumaniora and learnt diatonic harmonica and violin respec,vely. together they provide an unforgeMable listening and ball experience!"



Bildschirmfoto 2023-11-29 um 11.21.15.png


Musician: Jeroen Geerinck : Guitar  

Geronimo is the solo project of Jeroen Geerinck (Snaarmaarwaar, Hot Griselda, Spilar). He is a musician and record producer active in the Belgian folk scene. He is mostly known for adding a fair amount of energy to the sound of the bands that he plays in. As a record producer and studio engineer he also has a great deal of experience in creating folk albums and always looks to mix in new flavors. "Geronimo" is a like playground where he can take the experiment of mixing genres further than ever since in a solo album, no compromises are needed. 

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