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JUNE 19 - 23/2024





The time has come, the date for 2024 has been set and there's a little surprise. 

Next year, we will start the weekend full of music and dancing fun a day earlier than usual. We are very much looking forward to welcoming you to Mattstedt from Wednesday on.  




JUNE 22-25 / 2024 


We are looking forward to four days and three nights of dancing and partying in the enchanting Ilm Valley in Thuringia with fantastic bands with a total of 12 concerts in the 400 sqm dance tent. Bring your own tent and set it up on spacious meadows next to the festival site or the Ilm meadows. Another overnight option is the dormitory in the old barn.

Separately bookable and payable on site is the freshly prepared vegetarian menu with breakfast, soup and dinner. Coffee and drinks are always available.There will be no barbecue stands or individually purchasable breakfasts this year.


Aurélien draws his influences from different areas, such as the dance music of central France or Brittany, but also from jazz, rock, rap and world music.... He knows how to keep the groove of traditional music in the background. Thus, in his solo project, a musical versatility emerges that leads everyone between melody, rhythm,improvisation and nuances to the sound of a surprising accordionist who is always in search of new sensations.


Airboxes is the brand new project of Guus Herremans and Bert Leemans.
The two accordionists from two generations have known each other for about 15 years and a collaboration as a
duo seemed inevitable.
Airboxes plays only their own compositions in the unique combination of a diatonic and a chromatic accordion.
Guus Herremans on diatonic button accordion and Bert Leemans on chromatic button accordion are
considered the "gold standard" in folk in Belgium. Their very atmospheric dance music, composed entirely by
themselves, almost magically sucks you into other spheres! The musical projects in which the two were/are
involved read like a who's who of the Flemish and international scene: "EmBRUNN", "Leo&Dicaprio", "Laouen",
"The Bazz Explosion", etc.
The duo is complemented by Ward Dhoore, known from Snaarmaarwaar and other folk bands.


Pascale Rubens (Belgium) - Bagpipe

Toon Van Mierlo (Belgium) - Accordeon

Pascale Rubens and Toon Van Mierlo of Naragonia present a delicious dance and listening experience.
Naragonia's music ranges from intimate and delicate to sensual and passionate, and is imbued with a timeless
and enduring energy. Naragonia was formed in 2003 at the Andanças Festival in Portugal and has since
recorded 8 albums.
Toon Van Mierlo now plays with Naragonia, Naragonia Quartet, Hot Griselda and occasionally Amorroma. He
has recorded eight albums with these groups and has been a guest musician on many more.
In 1999, Pascale Rubens formed the duo Musaraigne with cellist Hannes Pouseele. In 2003, Pascale and Toon
formed their duo. Naragonia quickly gained popularity in the folk scene, both in Belgium and abroad. In 2020,
she formed a new duo with her sister Véronique Rubens: Systrar.


Matthias Glatthorn (Germany) – Guitar, Flute, Charango

Michael Kock (Germany) –    Drums

Leo Zwiebel (Germany) –    Contrabass

Josefine Schlät (Germany) –    Violine

Luzia Walsch (Germany) –    Clarinet

Maracu is made up of well-known faces from the Leipzig dance scene and that can only mean one thing: they
know what's important. Look forward to fine dynamic Bal Folk, danceable and lively.
Maracu consists of five Leipzig faces, some of whom you surely already know. With unrestrained passion they
present many original compositions and very lively arranged trad pieces.
They write about themselves: "Inspired by the finest dances that we could find in many places, we put together
grooves and melodies. Sometimes we let them fly away harmonically and sometimes we catch them gently
again. We let sound confetti rain down and go swimming in fat sounds with you! And when the dancing legs
have really let off steam, they can become ears and listen to the stories that tell of a nightly encounter with jazz
and klezmer...


Guus Herremans (Belgien) - chromatischen Akkordeon


Guus and Pavel,    both active on many musical paths,    decided that    their paths should cross and so Les
Bottines Artistiques was born.
The French and Italian playing technique of Guus and the Bulgarian roots of Pavel result    in a
surprising musical palette.    This has already led to numerous performances at home and abroad
(Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, France, Germany,...).Pavel Savandjiev (Belgien) - diatonisches
Akkordeon und Geige


Julien Casanovas & Nans Casanovas


Sparks, spurts and darkness. All existence, even if it is mineral, follows the implacable iron law that makes light life and nothingness death. In the farthest reaches of the cosmos, among the indefinable multitude of stars that populate the gigantic void, it sometimes happens that a star, at the moment of its end, goes out in a final cry of light before disappearing forever. A life that drums to its last breath, an existence that bows out with a final burst: a Supernova.

Flower Bouquet




Jeroen Geerinck (Belgium) – Guitar, Loopstation

Hartwin Dhoore (Belgium) –    Accordeon

Flanders... eternal expanses, only a few windmills block the way to the ocean. Otherwise, Flanders is also
known for Hartwin and Jeroen, who must have found each other somewhere between the sea and the
windmills and got stuck together with their instruments. Good for us, because that's how they also found their
way to us. Neo Trad full of power and feeling. Worthwhile

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