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Safe Space

We are committed to creating and keeping a safe, welcoming and respectful space for all members of the community. The Swing the Mill festival should provide a good experience for all participants, independently of their gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, culture, religion, mental or physical ability and dance level. We welcome and celebrate diversity in our community!

That's why this festival doesn't tolerate any sexist, racist or any other kind of discrimination. Any person who doesn't respect this policy will be expelled from the event, without refund, at the discretion of organization team.





  • Treat each other in a respectful and friendly way.

  • Don't tolerate any kind of aggression, discrimination or degrading comments.

  • Listen to your dance partner. The leader proposes movements, never obliges them, and the follower accepts, adapts or rejects the suggestion. Dancing is an open dialogue!
  • Make the dance comfortable. At any point we can tell our partner if something bothers us, stop if we feel pain, change position or create more space if necessary.

  • Respect the freedom to choose the dance role at any moment.
  • Practice a good personal hygiene to promote a healthy and respectful environment.



  • Relate to each other through consent, understood as an explicit agreement, which is reached without imposition or coercion and through which both parties are in a condition to decide freely.

  • Only yes means yes. An emphatic, free and conscious yes.

  • Don't confuse intimacy when dancing with personal intimacy.



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