this year There is no BALBOA SHAG FESTIVAl

 because of the covid-19 restrictionS.


WE look forward to our first Balboa & Shag Festival in Mattstedt (Germany)

JUNE 16 to 19 / 2022




The Balboa and Shag Festival takes place on two different sites, which are just 500 m apart. The historical mill estate offers 3 ballrooms, 2 dormitories and a nice lawn for tents and caravans. This makes it the location for intense workshop classes at day and recovering sleep at night. The romantic fairground of the village Mattstedt is the second venue, which has enough space for a 400 sq.m. dance tent with a wooden floor. This will be the place for joyful parties at night but offers also some places for camping and is the base for food and beverage supply.




Maja and Teis`s style of collegiate shag is a unique mix of colourful variations, improvisation and musicality. Their core driver is fun and happiness, which they love to express in their teaching, competitions and shows. Together they teach weekly classes of Collegiate Shag for everyone from beginners to shagsters with years of experience and have been a main force in creating what is now a blooming scene in Copenhagen by providing a continuity of classes on various levels for more than two years’ time. Weekdays without teaching shag are often spent on teaching lindy hop since Maja & Teis are teaching swing dancing in all major schools and societies in Copenhagen. In other words – the passion for swing dancing is becoming more and more of a lifestyle. If swing is a passion – rhythm must be. And those two crazy kids are more aware of dancing to that pulsing music together than letting choreographies lead heir steps.




Cherry and Filip met in 2013 on a Lindy Hop course in SWINGOUT.PL dance studio. They started to dance Collegiate Shag in 2014 among a bunch of enthusiasts who brought it to Warsaw, and partnered up while performing with the Warsaw Shag Team. - Cherry, do You want to be the best in the world one day?- Yes, why not…- Me too, so let’s get to work! With this frivolous conversation they started to work together and train regularly. After 3 months they won the Strictly Shag competition during Warsaw Collegiate Shag Festival and after 6 months they became instructors in SWINGOUT.PL. Since that moment they teach regularly Lindy Hop and Collegiate Shag around Poland and abroad. Their dance is full of energy. Cherry dances with a wild Latin temperament, elegance and open head, playing with the rhythm and shaking things out. She loved to dance since she remembers. At the age of 6 she started with ballet and contemporary, then switched to ballroom and lyrical jazz for a while. Filip is a musician for many years, playing on the guitar, trombone and mandoline. He’s one of the founders of The Cajun Spices - a Polish gypsy jazz band. His passion reflects the way he dances and makes it a fine form of expression. They are full of enthusiasm, looking for new ideas and challenges.



Maries Balboa dancing is characterized by a relaxed but deep connection with the music and her partner, creating beautiful lines and shapes in the dance. Musicality and FUN being her kicks, Marie is using an elaborate dance technique as a base to explore these to the fullest. She loves dancing on fast floors and looks deceptively effortless while doing so. Connecting with the people, social dance and the love for jazz music is what drives her to all the dance events in her hometown Hamburg and abroad, as a very active switch Balboa dancer and teacher. 

Marie has been engaged in sports her whole life, from horse riding, skateboarding to surfing, before she bumped into some swing dancers at Rosi’s Bar at Reeperbahn. The focus was shifted to the dance floor from that day. After her first steps in Balboa she immediately knew she had found her calling and ever since she follows this path with passion. Being owner of the swing dance school „Bloody Hot Swing“ and being the host of regular social dances, workshops and the popular Balboa Festival in Hamburg, she contributes a lot to a lively local Balboa scene. As a teacher, Marie is attentive, motivating, and focused. She favors excellent group dynamics and positive reinforcement.

Gašper (Slovenia/Sweden) is an inspiring dancer that will warm your heart. Gašper’s dance style is smooth and playful and is at its best dancing to live music, when the focus is all on the joy between the musicians and the dancers. Gašper sees sharing the love for the dance as a form of communication without words, but with music, as the essence of dancing with body and soul.


From a young age Gašper was into several styles before getting into authentic jazz dances. He stuck around in Sweden since he met his partner Anni in Herräng in 2008. Nowadays you can find them on the road often to teach, perform and lecture. The experiences evolved Gašper into a dancer with a vibrant style and superfast feet.





Johanna discovered her love for dancing in her teenage years and since then has expanded her dance persona with various dance styles including jazz dance, ballet and tap dance (hence her preference for fast rhythms…). When she moved to Berlin she finally discovered swing dance and hasn’t been able to hold her feet still since then. Johanna has been teaching regularly in her home scene as well as internationally for several years and is looking forward to share her passion for social dance with her students.

Venturing out of the lindy hop community in the mid-noughties, Patrick’s travels brought him finally to BalboaLand in 2010. Today Patrick lives in Stockholm and teaches mostly balboa, but also fully enjoying the growing trend of slow dancing. Lately, dancing, teaching and organizing the odd event have been augmented with quite some DJ-ing.

Together, Johanna and Patrick have been teaching several international workshops and they, if possible, gladly dance as well as teach both roles.


Swing Time Corporation.JPG



Die SwingTime Corporation bringt Tänzer unvermeidbar ins Swingen. Vier professionelle Musiker aus der Musikalischen Komödie Leipzig und der Leipziger Jazz-Szene, leben abseits der Bühne ihre Passion für die Musik der Swing-Ära. Gern selbst auf dem Parkett unterwegs, wissen sie, was Lindy Hopper, Balboatics und Co. bewegt– eine Tanzkapelle, die für ihr Publikum spielt!







Smooshers Unlimited.jpg



The Smooshers Unlimited is a Berlin band led by trumpeter Laurent Humeau (The Jungle Jazz Band, Musicomaniacs). Used to the dance floors of German capital, the group focuses on the swing of the mid-1930s. Its unique sound, at the crossing of Henry "Red" Allen, Django Reinhardt big band works and Benny Goodman and Duke Ellington's classics, in addition to the band's great energy on stage, have contributed to make it one of the most promising band on the Berlin swing scene.

François Perdriau - Double-Bass

Johannes Ballestrem - Piano

Matt Griffiths - Drums

Laurent Humeau – Trumpet




99510 Mattstedt, Unterdorf 115,  



By train, you reach the station Apolda. From there you can take a local bus, but only on weekdays. Alternatively, you can go for a taxi or as some fellow dancers in the facebook group to pick you up. Reserve the taxi at least one day in advance. Cost ca. 15,00 € Taxi Tel.:


The closest airport is Leipzig/Halle LEJ, 70 km away.


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We are looking forward to dancing with you up to two parties each day, with live music and fine DJs in the large dance tent. If you do not need a rest from the classes or are just here for the parties, find yourself on the dancefloor for a cozy afternoon session. But do not spend all energy as we will have awesome dances trough the night.


We offer you 2 Balboa and 2 Shag tracks with each up to 8 classes from Friday to Sunday. It is possible to book the days separately.


The "Tent of Paribanu" will offer you a selection of coffees, teas, and drinks with or without alcohol. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is also available and can be either purchased individually or as a food pass for the duration of the festival. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian options will be provided.


It is sufficient space to settle to down for the night with a tent or a camper on the lawn. As an option, it is possible to book a mattress in a dormitory, where a sleeping bag is necessary.


The hotel Weimarer Berg is 3km away and offers enough well-kept rooms, although not so romantic.


The guesthouse in Zottelstedt „Zum alten Kuhstall“ offers 5 rooms for up to 3 persons. It is a short walking distance from 400 to 900m to the venues away. ~50€/room Tel.: 0173 9892896,


Directly in Mattstedt there the guesthouse „zum Mälzhaus“ offers 6 rooms, but might be hard to reach. ~50€/double room Tel.: 0151 504 327 72,


We need a few hands and help to run the event and would be happy if you decide to volunteer and be part of a successful festival. There are two main options: ~10 hours help during the festival with small duties like cleaning and keep things running. Or, if you are a strong person, 5 hours on Monday to help with the tear-down of the dance tent. There will be a volunteer schedule available a week before the event.



JUNE 16 - 19 /2022
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